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If you have spent sleepless nights thinking how your family would go on if ever you would be sick or you would be gone from this world, you might already have painted scenarios in your head and they are far from great. Luckily, there are many ways how you can make sure that your family would be financially okay if ever these things would happen. One of the most viable options you should definitely take is to get life insurance in order to make sure that they would have a little something to keep them afloat.

About Us:
We are pleased to introduce our company Life N Legacy .Our advise is never offered in a vacuum .We would rather put a context around your Goals & Objectives & then  based on  your concerns/challenges as also your Risk Appetite & Cash Flows  we customize a Solution with your specific needs in mind. We help find the best solution for you and your lifestyle. We also assist in implementing our Recommendations & there is one Annual Review as well.

Our Mission Statement:
To create value by helping our clients to protect their family & assets while building a secure financial future.

Our Vision Statement:
To be the best & most preferred contact point to provide continued client satisfaction by maintaining value driven and positive work attitude employees to achieve their financial goals and dreams.

“Relation Beyond Insurance”

About Myself:
Myself. I am a Financial Planner currently  providing Risk Management Solutions, Tax Planning, Wealth Creation ideas & Retirement Solutions to a number of Professional’s like MBA’S, Doctors, Service Class, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Software Engineers, Advocates, Architects, CEO’S, CFO’S etc

Why Financial Planning?

In India, (unlike in the developed countries like U S A etc) we do NOT have Social Security which basically means there is No Safety Net. Financial Planning helps you get that cushion during your Working Life as well as during Retirement.                                                                                                                                    

We need to urgently ask ourselves the following questions:

1) Do I have a Financial Plan in place for Myself & My Family?
2) Have I planned for my Children’s World Class Education & Marriage in an Inflation Adjusted manner?
3) Would my family members who are dependent on me, be able to survive in case of my untimely demise?  Have I taken Adequate Cover in case of Life/Health/Accident Insurance?
4) Do I know how much Corpus I shall require at the time of  Retirement? Am I prepared to live long
5) Are the Nominations in case of my Assets like Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Bank Lockers etc in place?
6) Have my Parents/Grandparents made their Will? Have I made my own Will?
If any one of the answer is “NO”, then you are in the right website, please enter your details in the contact us page or simply call us/sms on our mobile numbers, myself or my team will contact you within 24 working hrs. It will be a Defining Moment in your Life.


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