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Special Plans

What are Special Plans?

Special plans, are insurance policy plans available from the national insurance providers to serve the needs of citizens that cannot be commonly classified or segregated.

These special plans are designed to satisfy needs ranging from debt-clearance in event of the death of the insured to financial aid in the event of a medical mishap.

Special plans also provide financial assistance for handicapped dependants as well as emergency surgery required if and when a medical condition arises.

How are they beneficial to me?

Since special plans are designed for people with diverse and specific needs, the average citizen may not necessarily need or use them.

Yet, in the normal course of life, situations may arise when you may need to provide for unplanned or unexpected contingencies and mishaps.

With this view in mind, it is essential that you are able to account for and make the necessary provisions to combat any such circumstances that might prove detrimental to you and your family's well-being.

Who should buy these plans?

Special plans should be bought by people after carefully scrutinising their lifestyles and circumstances.

If the individual insurance buyer feels that he and/or his family might be subject to financial and physical risks of any sort that cannot be met by the regular array of insurance plans, then it is imperative that he or she invests a part of his existing resources to provide for such contingencies.

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