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Women's Policy

What is Women's Policy?

Womens policy provides funds in times of need like education, marriage or sickness with Guaranteed And Loyalty Additions during the policy term period and after maturity.

Presently the sole women's policy available in the market is Jeevan Sneha.

How is it beneficial to me?

The benefits available for women under the Women's policy plan are

  • Encashment of survival benefit as and when needed.
  • Free cover for three years after two years' premiums are paid.
  • Accident benefits.
  • Guaranteed additions @ Rs.70 per annum.
  • Flexibility in premium payment - including facilitation of advance payments.
  • Option for retaining the policy moneys with LIC.

Who should buy this plan?

Ladies, working or unemployed, single or married are subject to just as many risks as their male counterparts. They are required to fulfill their responsibilities at the workplace as well as manage their households too.

Since the lack of their presence cannot be easily compensated by their dependents, it is advisable that ladies, from every socio-economic environment invest a part of their resources in the women's policy available in the market, especially the one specifically designed and aimed at women in general.

This policy has been designed to encourage women to save for their safety and security. All major female lives until the age of 50 are eligible. The policy is issued for a fixed term of 20 years.

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