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Plans for the Handicapped

ANXIETY about the future of ours, and that of our dependents is a key investment motivator. In these competitive times when jobs are no longer as secure, there is extra urgency and tension about the future.

Another anxiety is the responsibility towards handicapped dependents. Though there is growing awareness that the handicapped have to be given their due, the odds are stacked against them in many ways. if the physical handicap shuts out certain avenues others get closed because of perceptions.

To mitigate some of this uncertainty, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has come out with two policies for guardians of handicapped persons who wish to provide them financial security in the event of their (guardians') death.

Jeevan Vishwas and Jeevan Aadhar are two plans for the handicapped introduced by Life insurance corporation of India. These plans help to decide on a level of financial security for the handicapped dependents.

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